I was shocked and truly saddened to hear about the passing of Oscar de la Renta this morning. He was one of the most handsome and distinguished gentlemen I have ever seen while his dashing good looks and incredible work became even better with age. 
I have always felt that fashion inspires interior design and Mr. de la Renta’s countless designs over the years are a perfect example. Like one his ravishing dresses, his homes reflected the same sensibilities: Timeless, chic, elegant, appropriate and and always comfortable to live in! 
Mr. de la Renta will always reside among the pantheon of the greatest designers that ever lived and he will be missed by so many. The world will be a lot less beautiful without him and my heart goes out to Mrs. de la Renta and the rest of his family. 

All photographs from the books “Oscar” by Sarah Mower and “House and Garden’s Best in Decoration” by Conde Nast. 

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