I have never been much of a newspaper in the morning kind of guy. Instead I enjoy reading everyone’s blogs and perusing the newest wares from my favorite antique dealers. I find such pleasure in starting my day by looking at beautiful things.

This morning my breath was taken away by this extraordinary object. It is a late 19th century hand carved ivory dove from the Meiji period in China with inlaid eyes and bronze feet. Look closely at the delicate carving. It is hard to tell from the photo but it is quite small at 4″ wide x 7″ high. One can almost feel the softness of his feathers before flying away. I am always so inspired by such artistry in creating such a refined and beautiful object.

This piece is being offered by H.M. Luther in New York. Hopefully it will find a deserving home from someone who can appreciate it’s beauty everyday. http://hmluther.com

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