My partner, David surprised me with a wonderful early holiday gift. A beautiful book on Sir John Vanbrugh who designed the temple. Inside are many detailed photos of his work including the Temple of the Four Winds. I was speechless after unwrapping the book. I had no idea that the book even existed! David found it with much excitement at the National Gallery and he wanted to give it to me before I proceeded with the painting. Thank goodness he did because after I studied the photos in the book I realized that some of my proportions needed work.

1. My suspicions about the shape of the dome were indeed correct. I have drawn something more Brunelleschi like when it should be like the dome of the Pantheon with a more semi circular shape.

2. The scale of the urns are incorrect. The upper urns on the corners of the building need to be larger in scale while the urns on the pediments need to be smaller.

This is why it is very important to step back and observe your under drawing before proceeding with the painting. You need to step away from the drawing and think about it for a while. I am often very excited to begin painting and I have made many mistakes by not taking my time to step back from the drawing before proceeding.

Again I am thankful that I have noticed the necessary revisions now. I have spent many hours on the drawing alone and it can be ruined in one minute if the proportions and the details are incorrect.

Onward and upward!

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