Well friends I have decided to change the direction of my blog so that it is more all encompassing. As you know architectural watercolors are one of my biggest passions. But I felt that I was limiting myself by devoting it solely to my paintings. My passions also include interior design, architecture, gardens, furniture, art, and film to name a few. So I thought it would be more interesting for myself and all of you for me to share the many facets of design and art that inspire me.

Just to give you a little teaser of what is to come I wanted to share a favorite room. It is a magical foyer from the home of the great design duo Zajac and Callahan, who were most famous for their work in the 70’s and 80’s. To me this room represents the varied passions of a true collector and connoisseur from the Z & C Line Vautrin inspired mirror to the Irish Chippendale console and the intriguing mix of prints. Topped off with the sparkle of the crystal chandelier, which to me looks like a mix between Waterford and something from the 30’s. I even love the surprise of the bar tray on the floor. Not the most conducive to entertaining guests but hey I love the unexpected! I look forward to sharing my inspirations with all of you soon.

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