Collaborating with Community Three Developers and Torti Gallas + Partners, we were commissioned to design the indoor public spaces for one of their latest condominium developments in Capital Heights.

Using the surrounding classical architecture as inspiration, the Bonéval’s exteriors complement the surrounding neighborhood with interiors that reflect a 21st century lifestyle. White and gray, chevron patterned marble floors, create a modern, graphic pattern in the lobby. Classically inspired paneling and ceiling moldings reflect a contemporary interpretation of the buildings exteriors. The parlor was designed to function as a library, game room or a place to simply socialize in style. Oak floors, lacquered paneling, textural wall coverings and floor to ceiling curtains provide a luxurious retreat for the Bonévals residents.

The Adele

Situated near the White House, The Adele, when completed will be one of the most luxurious condominium developments in Washington DC. Inspired by the great pre war apartment buildings in New York City, we created the interiors to reflect the timeless elegance and glamour of that era. One enters from 16th Street into an oval shaped foyer that directs you to the reception and lounge area. Walls are lined in a horizontally channeled wood that suggests the limestone rustication on the nearby buildings. The lobby also features stone floors and recessed niches lined with antique mirror. Each unit was treated with the same attention to detail and the highest level of quality.

Romanesque Revival Renovation – Washington, D.C.

Working with an extraordinary team of artisans and craftsmen we are bringing a new life to this lovely Romanesque Revival residence near Dupont Circle in Washington DC. The interiors will reflect our clients love of true craftsmanship and the finest materials available. Elegant architectural details throughout respect the style of the house, while bringing it into the 21st century.

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