My Kind of Minimal

Among my pantheon of favorite designers, the work of Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, is near the top of my list. Ive enjoyed following the venerable design firms prolific work over the years, which has evolved from a more classical style to one that is more contemporary. Yet a love and respect for classicism is still rooted in all of their work. For his own New York apartment, Azcuy embraced the modernist shell of the apartment, while creating his own unique architectural foundation and framework for his collection of streamlined furniture and accessories.

The apartment throughout is filled with beautiful compositions, which are one of the many hallmarks of Azcuy’s projects. By designing a simplified, yet luxurious and exquisitely detailed backdrop it allows the sculptural qualities of the furniture and accessories to shine. Its my kind of minimal where warmth, comfort and luxury are not sacrificed for the spareness and austerity of the architecture.

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